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RALINcraft Features

Reasons why you should use RALINcraft

Best Indie Dev Experience

You always dreamed about beeing a part of a Indie game. Here is your chance, you can help to generate game -items, -gear, -weapons, enemies and many more... But it's also fun and a kind of stand alone game.

Grow your experience as an Indie Game Developer

Beeing part of the community and having access to our tools, will give you a feeling for Game Development tasks

Satified Players

At Ogardonix LTD we are sure, that a community driven development will leed to satisfied customers. You can play the game that you dreamed about and are part of the decision making process. It's not just another Multipayer Game, it's a living organisme.









Frequently Asked

Some frequently asked questions and answers.

Are you not working on Ralin Dwarf Wars? The game on Steam Greenlight...

We are working on all our products. But the tools are very important to create a good game. We want to listen to you guys and build the best experience for you and us.

What ist RALINcraft?

RALINcraft is a tool and a stand alone game. You can collect resources and use them to create new items. Those items will be stored in the game database and we will implement your stuff in the final Ralin Dwarf Wars game

What is the Alpha tester program?

With access to the alpha tester program you can test all the features and upcoming updates. You will be part of our game development team. It's like beeing a consultant for game experience.

How can I help you with other stuff?

Help is always welcome if you have the right skills or financial power.

How much people are working on the projects and how are you financing the projects?

At the moment we had to downgrade the team to only one person. After stopping the Kickstarter campaign and not getting the help from the publishers, we had too much wasted time and not enough resources to go ahead and provide a new demo. But we are not giving up so quick.

Are you coming back to Kickstarter again?

Yes we are planning to do another Kickstarter camapign with Ralin Dwarf Wars by the end of this year. For some other projects we are doing own campaigns or campaigns on IndieGoGo